If there is just one thing Audrey wants, it’s an adventure. But when she sets out through the forest to see the castle—the heart of the whole kingdom—she must rely on kindness and courage to outwit bandits, rescue a girl and help a prince.

This tale of a young woman’s adventure is told with vivid language and illustrated with classic photography. A Handful of Gold is a read-aloud story for elementary-aged children.

What is a “new” fairy tale?

Too often in classic fairy tales, women are valued for their beauty, they must be rescued by princes, and a girl’s highest aspiration is to attract the eye of the prince.

A Handful of Gold was inspired by classic fairy tales, but it reveals a fresh, spunky character who needs neither her beauty nor a prince to bravely battle bandits. Audrey is an unlikely heroine who is always willing to share, to help and to have an adventure.

Available in print on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Click below to zoom in on sample pages.

Screenshot 2014-08-03 01.20.00

Screenshot 2014-08-03 01.20.25

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