photo c2f176df-4502-43f7-a1c3-33caeb24cb67.jpgI’ll confess it: when I’m scrolling new releases on my Kindle or on Goodreads, I often dismiss a book without reading the blurb if its cover looks amateurish. It makes me wonder how much editing and proofreading went into the book.

That’s why I took a long, hard look at my “working cover” (the one I threw together when Won’t Last Long was in beta stage) and decided it needed a professional makeover.

In beta stage, I bought images of two mismatched people (Joshua’s most comfortable in jeans and a ratty old gray sweatshirt; Melina is always dressed to the nines) and threw them together on a gradient background.

I worked with a graphic designer and we tried (TRIED!) to use this image, which is flirty and speaks to the opposites attract element of the story. Finally, we discarded the idea because it’s a chick lit book cover cliche. Legs. Shoes. Seen it before, like, a million times.

On the back cover, I took a cue from the old Craftsman house that Melina moves into early in the book, and which becomes a character in its own right as the story progresses. We used teal and white peeling paint on wood to illustrate this in a general way.

I feel like I’ve captured the character of the book–optimistic, messy (like life) and progressive. The character Melina is pictured on the cover as she appears later in the book.I’ve also created a cover that is less Shopaholic and more In Her Shoes, in keeping with where this book fits in the Chick Lit genre.  What do you think? Do you have a favorite cover to share?

Read the first chapter of Won’t Last Long, or find out how I chose the photo of Gavin Slater for the cover of Tattoo Thief. Won’t Last Long is available for Kindle and in print.

What do you think?

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