Win a slice of Beryl and Gavin’s life

This contest is now closed. Congrats to the winner & many thanks to RightRocks for the special necklace.

When I read a book, I want to dive fully into the world of the characters. So as I dreamed up possibilities for a giveaway to complement Tattoo Thief, I knew a gift card wouldn’t be good enough. I wanted to help you get to know Gavin Slater and Beryl Sutton better.

Beryl's necklace

Throughout Tattoo Thief, you’ll find references to real people, places and pop culture. Jimmy Fallon interviews Gavin on Late Night. Beyonce smiles down at Beryl from a billboard in Times Square in a ten-dollar H&M bikini.

Want to be part of their world? You can win a few of their favorite things:

Gavin gives Beryl this necklace at a pivotal point in the book. Beryl is also the name of a family of gemstones that come in several colors, including aquamarine.

Gavin brought this rough stone from his travels in Africa, where aquamarine (light blue) and maxixe (dark blue) beryl is found. The wonderful folks at RightRocks on Etsy created this piece and worked with me to make it true to Tattoo Thief.

But Beryl isn’t named after a stone (although that is undoubtedly the origin of this classic women’s name). She’s named after Beryl Markham, a British-born aviator, author, racehorse trainer and adventurer. Markham is perhaps most famous for being the first woman to cross the Atlantic solo from east to west (against prevailing winds) in 1936.

West With the Night

Beryl Sutton’s father was an avid pilot and gave his daughter this name because he admired the aviation pioneer and he hoped his daughter would likewise be an adventurer. In Tattoo Thief, you’ll see the tension between Beryl’s father’s dream and her mother’s need to keep Beryl safe.

Beryl Markham’s memoir, West With the Night, remains my favorite nonfiction book. My father gave it to me when I was a teenager with the inscription, “Be safe, but have an adventure.” Ernest Hemingway writes the preface and his praise is stunning.

Oregon bookIn Tattoo Thief, Beryl Sutton has never been far from her hometown of Eugene, Oregon. She’s frustrated and stuck in her job as a coffee shop manager, still living in the apartment she shares with her mother. (“I’m twenty-two,” she says. “If living with your mother after you graduate college doesn’t reek of failure, I don’t know what does.”) Our story starts when her father’s best friend offers her a job as a house sitter in New York City.

But when Beryl gets to the city, she thrives in Central Park. She needs the trees to help her think, she says, and we find her missing her home state that suddenly doesn’t feel so stifling. Enjoy this coffee-table-sized book of Oregon beauty and understand why Beryl is torn between New York and Oregon’s vast and varied landscapes.

MoleskineTattoo Thief plunges Beryl into the mystery of why reckless rock star Gavin Slater trashed his penthouse, abandoned his dog, and fled the country. Beryl’s house sitting job begins simply as a restoration effort to clean up, but becomes a personal mission to rescue Gavin from his grief and guilt to bring him back home.

Although he’s thousands of miles away, Gavin reaches out to Beryl on email and Google chat, and he gives Beryl insights about himself by allowing her to look through his songwriting notebooks. They are Moleskine Cahier journals, which have gridded pages and a soft, brown kraft paper cover. They’re perfect for Gavin’s music and lyrics, and also proved perfect for me to pen notes and ideas for Tattoo Thief.

While reading, you should also have a chance to enjoy some of Beryl’s favorite things, so this giveaway includes treats! Try Stirs the Soul raw, vegan chocolate, handmade in Oregon, and David’s Tea limited edition mango fruit punch. The caffeine-free herbal blend has a light sweetness like juice. Brew it strong and blend it with club soda to try the tea-pop Beryl experienced while wandering in the West Village with Gavin’s dog, Jasper.

Stirs the soulDavids tea inclusions

Do you feel lucky? Enter to win this $130 prize package from Beryl and Gavin’s world:

  • Beryl’s aquamarine and silver necklace
  • West With the Night by Beryl Markham
  • Oregon coffee table book
  • Gavin’s Moleskine songwriting notebooks
  • Oregon chocolate and David’s Tea

Oops. Jasper. I almost forgot. I’m pretty sure you don’t want a basenji by mail, but here’s a picture of Gavin’s naughty little dog, just for fun:


Tattoo Thief is available for KindleNookKobo, iBooks (link to come) and in print.

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