Don’t mind me. Today I’m dancing, grinning like a goofball and obsessively hitting “refresh” on a slew of website tabs. Just a teensy bit excited about sending Tattoo Thief out into the world. Here’s where to find it: KindleNookKobo, iBooks (link to come) and in print.

Teaser_now available

In the last couple of days, I’ve been humbled by lovely reviews and comments. Thank you for rating and reviewing! Especially for independent authors, these make all the difference in helping a book stand out.

One book blogger asked if I’m selling signed copies in the nicest way (“I NEED, yes … NEED like the air we breathe a signed copy of this book!!! I LOVED IT LIKE WHOA! It NEEDS to be on my shelf.”). That was a pinch-myself moment.

I just got the custom prize in the mail: Beryl’s rough-cut aquamarine beryl necklace from RightRocks (valued at $80-$100). It is gorgeous!

Love to you all! I’m going to pop some bubbly and dream of Gavin, Beryl, Tyler and Stella….

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