Tattoo Thief release day roundup (in other words, Squee!!)

Whew! What an awesome day for Tattoo Thief‘s book birthday (official release). Highs included some three-Kleenex reviews full of awesomeness, reaching the Amazon top 100 books in the “Coming of Age” category, and ranking #1,647th most popular book overall in the paid Kindle store. That’s, like, whoa. So cool!

If you missed it yesterday, my blog tour kicked off with two stops. Reading Between the Wines Book Club (love that name) included a guest post where I describe four real-life inspirations for Tattoo Thief and share two cocktail recipes for drinks that appear in the book. Find out about the movie set, the real rock band and the pole dancers (!) I encountered on my research trip there.

Also kicking off the tour was From Me to You: Video, Photography & Book Reviews, which reviewed Tattoo Thief and had this to say: “This enticing duo go from a harsh employer/employee relationship to friends to a whole lot more while getting to know each other through internet messages and colorful banter. It took me by surprise by how much I enjoyed it, I just wish there was more to read about while they were face to face.”

I’m seeing the need for more face time between Gavin and Beryl mentioned in many reviews and all I can say is–yes. I hear you. And I am going to totally make it up to you in Tattoo Thief #2: Tyler & Stella. Pinky swear.

The reviewer who made me cry today was All Romance Reviews, which posted the most AH-mazing comments, including: “Gavin Slater has THE. BEST. song lyrics of all time. I won’t quote any, cuz I don’t want to spoil anything. And maybe this isn’t a huge deal for you. But music is so big for me. In every part of my life. I LIVE for lyrics. So when I read a book with music involved and lyrics are written, it’s a big deal for me. And usually they fall flat. But, I loved Mr. Slater’s words and would totally be a fangirl in real life!!”

What the blogger thinks of Tattoo Thief

You’ve got to go read this review–it’s sharp and funny. And I have a surprise for Pepper (the reviewer) … I commissioned a singer-songwriter to record those lyrics in a real song! “Wilderness” premiers a little later in the blog tour.

A Life Bound by Books is also making me silly-happy with a fun author and character interview, and the blogger asked my characters what their first impressions were of each other:

Gavin: She’s a firecracker. I love that. You know what she said the first time we chatted? She called me an asshole. And then she just fell all over herself apologizing because she thought I’d get her fired. I actually laughed out loud. I mean, I deserved so much worse after what I did, that asshole was kind of refreshing.

Beryl: For a while, I thought of him as The Gavin Slater, more of a product than a person, like he came from a rock star manufacturing facility. It wasn’t just that he was smoking hot, it was that he acted so recklessly he didn’t seem like a real person. Gavin’s fame wasn’t a big trigger for me, but his honesty was. He told me some ugly truths that made him absolutely real.

This interview is one of my favorites (go read it!), and I share where the book idea came from, the hardest and easiest parts to write, and whether I might swap perspectives and share Gavin’s story. The site owner adds that her review is coming soon (but she says she LOVED Tattoo Thief).

I have to add special thanks to ALL of the the 28 book bloggers who rocked my world today by posting Tattoo Thief covers, excerpts, reviews and blurbs to tantalize readers and get my book off to a strong start!

Book Boyfriend Reviews featured an excerpt and review: “I am sitting here reading this thinking, I like this guy. I love how she opens him up. How he comforts her. I love how even though a world apart, they’re still more there for each other than people physically in their lives. They fulfill each other’s need so perfectly. They built their foundation of their relationship online. There was no pressure of the face to face, just them being themselves. I really liked that idea. I really like the idea of second chances. It was a common thread throughout the book. Everyone deserves one.”

More to come featuring blogs and reviews. The amazing ladies at InkSlinger PR made this all possible–especially InkSlinger founder K.P. Simmons and blog tour coordinator (& kickass author) Nazarea Andrews.

Tattoo Thief is available for KindleNookKobo, iBooks (link to come) and in print.

One Comment on “Tattoo Thief release day roundup (in other words, Squee!!)

  1. OMG!! YAY! I am so glad you liked the review. I just… gah, I loved this book so much. And holy murder!! the song is being recorded. EFF ME!! I seriously might die. You have made my day. and my week. and possibly my month. (although i am going to meet my blog partner in person in a few days, so it might come in a close second to making my month)…anyway. thank you thank you.

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