A dream cast for Tattoo Thief

What’s a dream cast? That’s what I asked my fantastic blog tour coordinator, Nazarea Andrews, and it’s just what it sounds like. If I were making a movie, who would I cast in the roles of the main characters? I loved this exercise for my imagination, sifting through images to find the one that fits. My cast is largely unknowns, but they have the right look and feel.

Holland - BerylI started with 22-year-old Beryl Sutton—she left her sleepy hometown to become a house sitter for New York’s richest residents. I wanted her to be pretty, but with a natural look that you can see in yoga pants while walking Gavin’s dog, or in a stolen/borrowed dress at elite events.

Holland Roden (what an awesome name!) fits Beryl perfectly. I can see her with Beryl’s darker brown hair instead of the red tones, and she has Beryl’s hazel eyes and pale skin. You might have seen her on Lost, Weeds or more recently on MTV’s Teen Wolf.

Jake - GavinGavin Slater was a challenge as I picked out my book cover image because I didn’t want him to have a typical romance cover look (you know, the massive, oily muscles and lantern jaw). I wanted him to look like a guy you might have overlooked, except now that he’s a rock star, he’s the object of desire for millions of girls.

Actor Jake Abel has a great look—definitely in the danger zone. Gavin’s ice-blue eyes arrest Beryl even when she’s just looking at him in a photo or video. I can see this guy working the mic or scrubbing his hands through his hair in frustration, spiking it even higher.

Vanessa - StellaNext, I looked for Stella Ramsey, Beryl’s best friend (though some might call her a frenemy). Stella’s look is more intense—she wants to attract the bad boys, after all—and she’s slimmer and smaller than Beryl. Vanessa Marano has the right look, both sassy and vulnerable, not that she’d ever let anyone see the fragile side of her. In Tattoo Thief, Stella’s hair is cut in an angular bob, but I suspect she’ll be itching to change it in the sequel.

One more woman in Tattoo Thief that I wanted to picture is Lulu Stirling, Gavin’s muse and a close friend of the band. Lulu is the cover model for Tattoo Thief’s first two albums and Beryl describes her as a pinup bombshell, with a heart-shaped face and violet eyes. Actress Jordan Hinson’s image arrested me when I saw this photo:

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 12.44.12 AM

Joshua - Anthony

Finally, Anthony’s a sweetheart and his chocolate brown eyes and dark hair grab Beryl’s full attention … for a while. Actor Joshua Bowman is a Brit, but I imagine he could bring the gentlemanly qualities Anthony shows Beryl as well as plenty of heat.

2013-10-05 17.44.49Once you’ve read Tattoo Thief, I’d love to know who’s on the mark and who you picture differently! And we can’t forget Gavin’s dog, Jasper, a basenji:




Tattoo Thief is available for KindleNookKobo, iBooks (link to come) and in print.

3 Comments on “A dream cast for Tattoo Thief

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  2. i love this entire thing! my fav is vanessa marano. i did not picture her for stella, but it actually works for me because i am obsessed with her. (i used to watch her on young and the restless). LOVE jasper!! and lulu is perfection.

    • I am so in love with Lulu! Vanessa Marano doesn’t have Stella’s hair mentioned in the book, but I keep picturing her as I write Tattoo Thief 2. Small and tough but breakable.

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